EU countries expel Russian diplomats in Navalny dispute

FRANK JORDANS and LORNE COOK with the AP are reporting on developments regarding Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny who is suspected of being poisoned by Russian agents. Navalny and team were reportedly able to trick and debrief (question) a Russian ‘Intelligence’ agent about the operation to get details.

Some EU diplomats in Russia were expelled after they reportedly took place in rallies supporting Navalny. EU countries seem to be striking back with these actions.

The CBC is reporting on our own country’s response to this, link below.

Read the full story: AP Article

EU Leaders Expelled for Supporting Navalny at Protests: AP Article
Russian Agent Tricked into Revealing Poison Plot: CTV News Article NPR Article
Canada and allies discuss joint response to Russia’s imprisonment of Kremlin critic Navalny: CBC Article

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